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How can I join the course ?

Joining the course is simple: just fill in the registration form online and deposit the fee .

Who is qualified to join the Course?

The course is open to those interested in medical informatics, whether they are from the university or from another institution.

Can diploma holders join the course?

Yes, of course.

Can undergraduate students, such as SEU students, join the course ?

Unfortunately, undergraduate students do not meet the pre-requisite standards. However, we can make individual exceptions to those who show great motivation and possess a high level of English as well as learning skills

How can I pay the fee ?

Kindly pay the fee by transferring the money to the following account:
Medical Education Center, King Saud University, AlRajhi Bank , SA7580000281608010000271 , then send a scanned copy of the receipt to informatics@ksu.edu.sa

Dose the course require physical attendance ?

No; the course takes place online with only one optional physical attendance at the end of the course.

How many CME hours do we get?

62 hours.

How can one communicate with the unit?

To contact the unit please call (+966 11 4691545) or e-mail (informatics@ksu.edu.sa).